Bella the “Beast”

Bella is a fun and loving dog and I enjoy having her around everyday.

Always ready for action and doing silly things. Its a sweetheart and not a beast at all:-)


Belgian Sheepdog Groenendaeler


Some Facts

Did you know there are 4 types of Belgian Shepherd, but the only differences between them is their coat color and its length.
Each has been named after the area which was instrumental in its development.

  • The Groenendael: long black coat
  • The Tervueren: long tawny coat
  • The Malinois: short tawny coat
  • The Laekenois: wire tawny coat

I always buy too early

Remember my little blue drop down longboard? I was thrilled when I got it and still am.

It a sweat ride and I get a lot of board time out of it, so all in all a great deal,


You won’t believe this..

What I’m going to tell you..

Is chocking..

Its earth shattering…

its mind blowing…

No its not, I just bought my board to early as now they have it as in the Longboards for sale you get a little off, luckily not too much.
I’m alway in these situations.
Find something great
For a great price

but than when I check back later its cheaper.

Anyways, I already had lots of fun riding around and all in all the price for the longboard was still pretty good.

My little blue irresistible drop down Longboard

Yep I love longboading, its sometimes hazardous but skating is easy and it makes me happy.

I have a cool blue drop down longboard which I bought sometimes ago from longboards USA an online longboard store.


Its was a relative cheap longboard drop down , I bought it with a discount for a killer price and it rides just  great. Had to adjust the kingpin a bit but that’s all normal. Bella and I enjoy going to many places. It’s a gullible way to get around. I’m totally in my element and shut out noise and everything else in my surroundings. Sometimes I ride with friends and its great to compare stories give hints on riding spots and just goof around. skating can be ruthless but that’s not my way of doing things. I’m more amicable and make sure to make things simple and enjoyable.

there are many great spots close to my house where I can spend hours and hours.

Time flies

but I don’t care

what else is there

to do



The wheels are urethane and hold out great on asphalt. They needed a little bit of time to be broken in – and that improved the grippiness of the wheels. Its probably getting close for me to get some new ones are they are getting worn down quite a bit by the sliding and stopping I do.


My Belgium Shepherd dog Bella

Bella is a Belgium Shepherd and the breed is also know as Belgium Sheepdog or Chien de Berger (in french as Belgium has 2 languages and everything there is double).
Also sometimes known as Groenendaal in Europe.


No – its now one of the dachhund you see on the dachshund longboards posters 🙂 …


but a real sweet dog..



“This medium-size herding dog breed originated in Belgium where he was used to herd sheep. He later graduated to police work, and today his versatility makes him suitable for many types of work and dog sports. He’s alert, devoted, and protective.”

They do better in homes with a fenced yard. Their herding heritage makes Belgian Sheepdogs chasers, and they’ll take off after joggers, bicyclists, and cars if they aren’t contained by a fence.

They can get along well with other dogs and cats if they’re brought up with them, although they may have issues with strange animals that come onto their property. They love to chase — that herding instinct again! — so cats who stand their ground will probably fare better than those who turn tail and run.

Its a lot of fun to have Bella around and running is a great past-time.