My Belgium Shepherd dog Bella

Bella is a Belgium Shepherd and the breed is also know as Belgium Sheepdog or Chien de Berger (in french as Belgium has 2 languages and everything there is double).
Also sometimes known as Groenendaal in Europe.


No – its now one of the dachhund you see on the dachshund longboards posters 🙂 …


but a real sweet dog..



“This medium-size herding dog breed originated in Belgium where he was used to herd sheep. He later graduated to police work, and today his versatility makes him suitable for many types of work and dog sports. He’s alert, devoted, and protective.”

They do better in homes with a fenced yard. Their herding heritage makes Belgian Sheepdogs chasers, and they’ll take off after joggers, bicyclists, and cars if they aren’t contained by a fence.

They can get along well with other dogs and cats if they’re brought up with them, although they may have issues with strange animals that come onto their property. They love to chase — that herding instinct again! — so cats who stand their ground will probably fare better than those who turn tail and run.

Its a lot of fun to have Bella around and running is a great past-time.