My little blue irresistible drop down Longboard

Yep I love longboading, its sometimes hazardous but skating is easy and it makes me happy.

I have a cool blue drop down longboard which I bought sometimes ago from longboards USA an online longboard store.


Its was a relative cheap longboard drop down , I bought it with a discount for a killer price and it rides justĀ  great. Had to adjust the kingpin a bit but that’s all normal. Bella and I enjoy going to many places. It’s a gullible way to get around. I’m totally in my element and shut out noise and everything else in my surroundings. Sometimes I ride with friends and its great to compare stories give hints on riding spots and just goof around. skating can be ruthless but that’s not my way of doing things. I’m more amicable and make sure to make things simple and enjoyable.

there are many great spots close to my house where I can spend hours and hours.

Time flies

but I don’t care

what else is there

to do



The wheels are urethane and hold out great on asphalt. They needed a little bit of time to be broken in – and that improved the grippiness of the wheels. Its probably getting close for me to get some new ones are they are getting worn down quite a bit by the sliding and stopping I do.